Led Zeppelin Discography T-Shirt Ladies

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Led Zeppelin Discography T-Shirt Ladies

Cassette Tapes:
  • Led Zeppelin 1969
  • Led Zeppelin II 1969
  • Led Zeppelin III 1970
  • Led Zeppelin IV 1971
  • Houses of the Holy 1973
  • Physical Graffiti 1975
  • Presence 1976
  • The Song Remains the Same 1976
  • In Through the Out Door 1979
  • Coda 1982

Led Zeppelin Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt
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One of the most successful, innovative and influential rock groups in history. Led Zeppelin carried a unique mystique cultivated by cryptic album art, distance from the press, and, of course, their music. Drawing upon postwar electric blues, early rock & roll, and psychedelia, Led Zeppelin created a titanic roar in their earliest days but even then they weren't merely heavy. Underneath the wattage, there was a strong undercurrent of folk-rock and the quartet would soon thread in world music, funk, country, and synthesizers, creating an adventurous body of work that had a long, lasting influence on hard rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock.

Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Collection

Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Collection